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Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 52

Candy Crush Dreamworld level 52 cheats and walkthrough to help you beat this level of Odus’s Dreamworld.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 52 Cheats

  • In level 52, you will be asked to clear all 9 jellies
  • You will also need to score at least a total of 30,000 points while contending with chocolate, meringue, and licorice-tie blockers.
  • And you will only have 20 moves to complete both tasks.
  • That’s a lot of deal with, but your first priority must be the chocolate, as it’ll just keep growing if you don’t deal with it right away.
  • The meringue shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, but if you drop a few wrapped candy bombs down to the bottom few rows, you won’t have to worry one way or another.
  • Combining special candies can help enormously with this difficult level, especially the chocolate.
  • A striped candy-wrapped bomb combo will blast through three rows and columns, so if you pull this off near the bottom, you should be able to clear out every blocker in one go.
  • As you play along, remember that Odus the owl needs to be kept on his perch, so pat attention to what colors you need.
  • Try and fill up Odus the owl’s meter so that you can achieve moon struck.
  • That alone should clear out a good amount of candies.



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